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Spinweld Fittings

INDAC Ltd has developed an innovative Spinweld product incorporating a unique driver system. As a Rotomoulding company we learnt many years ago the issues surrounding the fitting and application of spinwelds that could ruin a good product or part.


We set out on a journey to create the world's best Spinwelds and application system using our extensive experience with Spinwelds, Rotomoulding and plastics engineering.

We redesigned the actual Spinweld fitting to insure an easier clean up, making it more reliable and gives the operator a clear view of what is happening during the entire process. These fittings and installation system alongside our specialised splatter reduction liquid (Spin Slick) has seen us become a world leader in Spinweld products and associated goods with  exports to the EU, Asia, Australasia, South East Asia and the Middle East.

This has been a journey of  20 plus years, which continues with the development of new products, systems and services to our clients.

BSP Driver
BSP Threaded SW
Two Start SW
Spigot SW
Sinweld Cap
Cap Test Patch
Mesh Breather
Filler Diesel Rolled thread
Buttress Style Threaded Fitting
Drain Bung 2"
American Buttress Filler
Spin Slick
Spinweld Driver Disc
Spinweld Router Bits
American buttress cap
American buttress driver
Threaded spinwelds
2" BSP Cap
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