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Injection Moulded Spinweld fitting with a Stainless Steel female M6 threaded insert

Spinweld with Stainless Threaded Insert

  • A 1/2" Spinweld with a Female threaded Stainless Steel Insert.
  • If your customer suddenly needs a thread on their product, no problem. You don't have to change your mould, simply use one of our Spinwelds with a threaded insert.
  • Available in M6 & M8 thread.
  • Stainless Steel female threaded inserts used for great corrosion resistance.
  • Click here for PDF of line drawing
  • Features


    • The Quick Fit system has been designed to avoid the need to change router bits whether fitting Indac BSP Threaded Spinwelds, Indac Spinweld Caps or other Indac Spinwelds.
    • Eliminates operator error as fitting is visible throughout Spinweld operation.
    • No damage to the product surface from the router bit during the fitting of the Spinweld as the driver is inside the maximum diameter of the fitting.
    • For Spinwelding in this product you will need the Driver that matchs your product and one of the Indac Square Drive Router Bits.

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