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  • Reduces scrap rate, cycle time and cost per production cycle
  • Improves surface quality and finish
  • Makes part-line blowholes a thing of the past
  • Simple to use and install
  • Does not restrict part shrinkage
  • Easily incorporated into current pressurisation systems
  • Click here for PDF of line drawing
  • Features

    • Supavent is a one-way vent that fits into venting holes in moulds. It replaces the need for other materials usually inserted in these holes and gives better, more consistent results.
    • The vent is made of a heat-resistant flexible polymer with a blind ended “dome”™ at one end, and an open-ended “mushroom”™ at the other.
    • A carefully-designed slit down one side turns it into a one-way valve, enabling air to enter the mould but preventing it from leaving.
    • Gives repeatable results: because Supavent is a manufactured product designed specifically to fit into venting holes in moulds, its performance is consistent and never gets blocked.
    • All this means that you produce better rotationally moulded parts cheaper and more easily.






    Dia Metric

    Dia Imperial


    Supavent - Long


    ½ inch


    Supavent - Long


    ¾ inch

  • Fitting Instructions

    • Supavent is larger than the normal diameter, and will fit snugly into a 13mm (1/2') or 19mm (3/4") hole.
    • In a cast aluminium mould, simply drill a hole. In a sheet metal mould, or if converting a used mould, the placement hole may require a collar.
    • Supavent performs better when located near a future that provides some protection from the powder movement or when used in a Technovent for larger shot weights.
    • Insert the closed end of the tube through the placement hole from the outside of the mould until the collar butts up against the outer wall of the mould.
    • The life expectancy of Supavent may be increased significantly in a PTFE (Teflon ®) collar.
    • For further information please visit La Plastecnica

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