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Indac Mussel Float

Mussel Float 333Kg

  • Set up your Mussel farm with these robust mussel floats.
  • Moulded from UV stabilised medium density polyethylene
  • Suitable for New Zealand environmental conditions
  • Float Buoyancy is 333kg
  • Nominal Wall section of 6mm
  • Float weight of 17kg
  • Click here for PDF of line drawing
  • Features

    The Floats are pressurised then sealed with a permanent Spinweld cap.
    The unique Indac sealing system using the Spinweld cap ensures that the float remains pressurised.
    The floats have rounded edges around the handle area to ensure they are easy to handle and do not chaff the ropes.
    If necessary, the floats can be repaired and repressurised, ensuring a long and useful life.

  • History of the Indac Mussel Float

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