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Who kicked the bucket?

Updated: Jun 20, 2019

The old yellow bucket was about 35, not days or months but years old! That's a long life of hard work, helping me to feed the horses, carry water, tote miscellaneous objects and it has supported my weight as a makeshift mounting block! There was no special treatment, I didn’t really look after it, left it outside day after day in all weather, it's moved house with me over the years and has endured extreme freezing and very dry heat. I cannot recall how many flexy tubs or cheap 99c buckets I’ve had over the years that have given up the ghost, but the old yellow bucket has withstood the test of time. On occasion have wished it would break or go missing, it was faded and scratched, - it did not look its best and some days I was sick of it. I just wanted a new shiny clean bucket, but the darn thing just kept going! Now I have to point out that this was one of the first ever buckets to be made at Indac about 35 years ago. UV stabilizing was not common practice, but we did have a basic one in there about UV 5 (it can now be up to UV 20) Sadly however, last week that faithful bucket finally broke under the strain of 35 years of hard labour and now, it has a crack through the bottom. It can't carry my water any more, I can't use it as a step up to get onto my horse and yes if your wondering, that is how it broke and no I did not get fat! Well maybe a little....

Do I throw it out? No, I can't do that to it, so I’ve decided to bring it in to work and put it through the grinder. I'm going to give it a new lease of life, it can become another wonderful product, something to help someone out for another who knows how many years. Money well spent, I say. Thank you, Indac bucket, my next one will be ...... Blue


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