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The pop up box

Updated: Aug 16, 2019

So here is a story from a few years ago. A story about a tool box, a cat dozer and a very hot summer’s day.

A client of ours purchased his first ever Indac Mastercraft 600 tool box. This was to be used to keep the tools needed for fixing and greasing his beloved dozer.

On this one occasion after finishing his repairs, he became side-tracked and instead of putting away his tool box, he left it sitting on the bulldozer tracks.

Being a busy kind of guy he jumped in and started her up, reversing out and away.




The now rather flat tool box was a gonner! With certain remorse and ……. he took the tool box home and left it by his garage, convinced that it was worth replacing immediately as it was after all a most useful box he drove into town….a fair distance I must say!

Whilst here purchasing a replacement box he told us the woeful tale.



Hello Indac ltd… Yes hi you know that tool box you sold me yesterday…well I don’t need it can I bring it back?

Really?? Why is that sir? ….. Well by the time I had made it home the sun had gotten so hot that it had popped the old box back into shape, You wouldn’t read about it almost as good a new, the spanners were OK but my grease gun was Buggered!


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