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What Goes Full Noise?

Going full noise is what Graeme Frew does best, in his Yak-3 Fighter Plane he competes at the Reno Air Races.

Graeme has been dubbed the “Burt Munro of the skies” and this shows with his competitiveness and desire to go faster. The Reno Air Races are madness in the air with speeds of 560Km/h and altitudes as low as 20 meters from the ground.

In his first Reno Air Race Full Noise progressed from winning the Bronze class on his first attempt, then progressed to be the first kiwi to qualify for the coveted gold race at the Reno Air Races.

Full Noise needed to go faster; this is where INDAC was brought onto the project. To go faster cooling of the Yak-3 engine was needed.

The Full Noise team and Design team from INDAC collaborated to install a bespoke water tank into an already confined space, the purpose of this tank was to provide water for spraying the radiator to lower the engines temperatures and develop more power.

With the success of the first water tank the Full Noise team has come back to INDAC for a larger bespoke water tank to have greater capacity allowing more power for sustained periods of racing and to go for the win in the prestigious gold class at the Reno Air Races.


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