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Cordal and Indac, Stretching Ideas together since the 2000’s

Great result for the team with the Clever Business Award from Marlborough Chamber of Commerce. With our launch of the new flushing valve for irrigation, batten bungee and solid core bungee for wakeboarding boots its been a good year for R&D. Thanks Graeme Rickard and Indac Ltd for your help


SOLCOR is the name for the new generation of solid core rubber and accessories.

Traditional rubber stretch cord, commonly called shock cord or bungy, is well known and widely used throughout the industrial, domestic and recreational world. This stretch cord consists of many strands of latex rubber filaments, bound together under braided polypropylene or nylon fabric. When stretched, the braiding opens slightly and UV penetrates to the inner core perishing the fine rubber strands, eventually causing failure. Consequently, stretch cords when exposed to the elements need to be replaced regularly.

The Solcor team, with thirty years boating experience behind them, was convinced that there must be a better product available. However, after searching the market place in vain they decided to develop a product of higher performance specifications themselves.

Solcor Shockcord

Problem One: The Core

Conventional stretch cord is manufactured from inexpensive and low specification multi-strand rubber. Given its formation and with its large surface area, each strand in a traditional stretch cord is particularly vulnerable to UV damage. Banded strands also provide a capillary path for corrosive seawater and harmful chemicals.


Solcor developed a Polymer of specially formulated rubber components which has a much higher specification than the traditional latex type cord.

Problem Two: The Cover

Traditional materials did not adequately protect the rubber interior allowing damage through UV penetration and contact with other destructive elements.


Solcor sourced a tightly braided 1000 denier polyester fabric pre-treated with a UV inhibitor to provide a barrier of protection. Together with the polyester cover, the rubber core has ample UV protection.


Together Indac Ltd and Solcor have developed a range of versatile fittings for the Solcor shockcord, from anchors to extenders, adjustable hooks even tarp hooks.


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